It is with great pleasure that I give you, Afrocoustic.

It is with great pleasure that I give you, Afrocoustic.

My 5th solo album, Afrocoustic, is finished and I am very excited to share it with the world!

Afrocoustic was recorded at Digital Forest studios over a period of a few days. The tracks were recorded with live takes filled with the type of energy you only find on stage. I believe, as an acoustic album, Afrocoustic is an authentic representation of my true sound, as stripped down as it should be and the best way to showcase my songwriting and vocal abilities.

I was privileged to work with the legendary Barry van Zyl, drummer for Johnny Clegg and a musician that has worked with some of the best artists locally as well as internationally.
Barry's vast experience with African rhythms adds flavor in a beautifully subtle way that really brings out the true essence of the songs. When I decided to add bass on some of the songs, I was fortunate enough to have it in the form of Josh Hawkes from Freshly Ground. The unmistakable Simon Orange played keys while the very talented and well known jazz singer, front woman of Moodphase 5 and just all round brilliant vocalist, Ernisteane Deane did an outstanding job on backing vocals. Finally, I had the amazing Guy Collins and Chris Bakalanga adding their South African guitar flavors on a few tracks.

A natural reunion with musical genius Almuir Botha after many years, led to us recording a very stripped down vulnerable version of a song I wrote in Třebič, Czech Republic during my visit there in June. I decided to also include this song on the album.

I hope that by listening to Afrocoustic, you reach the same sublime state of mind we experienced while performing and playing our instruments during the recording.

Gerald Clark September 2017

PS. Songs to look out for is a very cool acoustic version of "I don’t want to go to work no more", a song I co wrote wit DJ Sibot for the hit series on SABC3 called Jam Sandwich. This song has enjoyed regular airplay on 5fm.
Another one, which I co wrote with Guy Collins, is an Ode to Clemengold who sponsored the album.