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Afroboer & the GoldenGoose


The MAn behind the Golden VOICE


Gerald Clark is an accomplished South African musician recognised for his extraordinary ability to tell a story with his music. He is one of SA’s top musicians – a singer and songwriter famous for his voice that can get down to the soul and honesty that consists within the blues.


Gerald, a musician and adventurer, dances around the campfire, the hallelujah and hellhounds never far behind. While keeping one foot firmly planted in the blues, Gerald has stepped outside musical boundaries. His first Afrikaans acoustic album, Sweepslag, was nominated as one of the best Afrikaans Alternative Music Album at the 2009 South African Music Awards. Clark’s second and third album was an international success. Black Water and Follow the River was praised by the media, fans, made it to the airwaves, and left many a venue pleading for more.


But it was AfroBoer & the GoldenGoose – his 4th album recorded in an old farmhouse – that shared his dynamic musical ideas with attentive ears. It’s raw, it’s blues, it’s rock, it’s a piece of his honesty. The diversity within this album will shake your bones and burn your toes.



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AfroBoer & the GoldenGoose

by Gerald Clark

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