STRAB 2016 was a jol, but Gerald and I always look forward to our adventures more than anything else when heading over the border. This year we decided to swim with the dolphins again. With such warm water and these majestic animals, we couldn't resists. 

It's an early morning wake up call as I tickle Gerald and one of our friend's feet, it's dark and after a night of dancing, there's no time for coffee. As we stepped into The Dolphin centre we were greeted by Wayne and his team, snorkel fittings, and a cup of 'boeretroos'. Sune, our friend, packed Ouma rusk. Perfect. 

The team at Ponta has an incredible bond with a group of wild dolphins and therefor it's rare to encouter them so naturally. The Dolphin Centre crew's dedication to conservation of their magnificent surroundings are one of the first things you will notice and with their knowledge of the area and these mammals, they intrigue you with stories while you learn more about the dolphins. 

This time around, we didn't spot any fins, unfortunately, but you cannot control nature. Our trip didn't end there, we were taken to a beautiful reef where we spent some time snorkelling – we instantly forgot the MIA mammals. The ocean even made for the perfect setting for a Scenic Session, which in turn contributed to the wrong side of motion sickness. 

Ponta do Ouro, is a special place and not far if you live in the north of the country. So, when planning your next holiday, keep some money aside for your dolphin swim. It's truly amazing.

Check their site out and see what they have to offer: http://www.thedolphincentre.com/

We will definitely see Wayne and his team at The Dolphin Centre on our next trip to Mozambique.