On the Road with AfroBoer & the GoldenGoose

With the start of the new year, so did a new adventure for Gerald Clark and his GoldenGoose. The two decided to pack up their home in Jonkershoek, give heeps of stuff away, and leave everything behind to promote his new album, AfroBoer & the GoldenGoose, across country. Kitted with a rooftop-tent, their bikes, and music equipment the two of them are living out of the bakkie and exploring wherever they can. 

Their journey started at Up the Creek this year and currently they are putting on their Hi-tecs to conquer the beautiful Tugela Falls. With this said, everyone knows how great a cold beer is after any hike, ride, or just stop-over. With a tiny frigde at the back, space is limited, but they found the perfect fit – craft beer in a can.

CBC recently launched a Pale Ale in a can and it's delicious, easy to pack, and sustainable. They will recommend it to any traveller. Take it on your journey.