Park Acoustics.

Park Acoustics is a monthly hit on the calendar and many flocked to the Voortrekker Monument to enjoy the best SA musos in action. 

The day was hot, but the talent even hotter with the crowds spread across picnic blankets or huddling under patches of shade. Clark was the third artist to step onto the intimate stage.

Gerald Clark didn't hold back and within minutes the audience was at his feet moving to his original songs. Two songs in, Clark lost a snare and reached for his acoustic guitar. He continued his energetic set with Albert Frost getting the electric ready for the grand finale. Clark was joined by a few friends and left everyone in awe with his duo with Suzy Swanepoel. Suzy, with her sexy, husky voice complemented Gerald's style and distinctive voice. 

Albert frost and Dan Patlansky was next in line – both a pleasure to watch on a Sunday afternoon. 

Clark was my personal highlight. So, be sure to catch him at his next gig. He is on the last leg of his tour and will be visiting Reitz, Nieu Bethesda and J'bay.