Encore Gerald, Encore - The Cape Town Launch was incredible.

It was like we were watching an international act.
— Anonymous

The Cape Town leg of the launch brought tears to your eyes, the boogie to your hips, and the blues to your heart. Gerald Clark introduced some of us and reminded others of his raw talent and excellent musical abilities with his new album, AfroBoer & the GoldenGoose. 

A picturesque evening on the Blaauwklippen Wine Estate started with a cold breeze and an enthusiast following. Die Biervrou and friends warmed up the crowd with food and wine – you could feel the crowd buzzing in anticipation.

Stuart Cairns, a young comedian with a ginger afro opened the stage with a few jokes - another AfroBoer in the making. Then, the actual man with the Afro stepped onto the stage.

Gerald Clark, supported by a band that is unmistakeably the cream of the crop when it comes to SA musos, fed his audience souls. The show was beyond the local standard. The music had an international sound. It was original, from the heart, and deserved every encore at the end of the evening. 

Mars Music SAClemenGold, and Kelfords Motors were proud supporters of the show and local talent. 

More to come from this great show soon. 

*Photograph by Mark Chipps of Goosebump Productions